Pointless Theatre Co. is dedicated to creating bold, visceral, and affordable spectacles that gleefully smash the traditional boundaries between puppetry, theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts. Through our work we excite a passion for adventurous art in the nation's capital and nurture a diverse, active, and inspired audience.

If everything has a point, well then I must have one, too.
— Harry Nilsson

Pointless Theatre was founded in the summer of 2009 by Patti Kalil and Matt Reckeweg, as a group dedicated to performing innovative and exuberant puppet theatre. Our company members strive to have no artistic boundaries or limitations, and an ensemble approach to creating theatre through play and improvisation informs our work. There is an overwhelming passion for the work we do within the Pointless family; it is intensely personal to all of us.

They represent a model of what a small theater company, built from the ground up on the basis of a fresh aesthetic, should look like...With moxie and passion and know-how [Pointless has] forged a theatrical identity unlike any other you’ll encounter in the city. It makes their work perennially exciting and, each time they unveil a production, utterly surprising.
— The Washington Post
Helen Hayes

2014 John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company


They are young, they are talented, and they create art as it should be—a pouring of oneself into a concept that they have brought to fruition. And they clearly have fun doing it.
— Washington City Paper
Washington City Paper
The words ‘puppet show’ and ‘groundbreaking’ don’t often share the same sentence, but DC’s Pointless Theatre is out to change that, one performance at a time.
— DC Theatre Scene

Pointless Theatre Co. – Far From It, theatreWashington

The Family Known as the award winning Pointless Theatre Company, DC Theatre Scene

Administrative Staff

PATTI KALIL & MATT RECKEWEG, Co-Artistic Directors

DAVID LLOYD OLSON, Managing Director

WENDY SNOW WALKER, Deputy Director

ALISON BEYRLE, Director of Development

SCOTT WHALEN, Director of Public Relations

FRANK CERVARICH, Director of Audience Engagement

RACHEL PARKS, Director of Digital Marketing

NAVID AZEEZ, Director of Visual Communications

LEX DAVIS & JOSIE FELT, Co-Production Managers

SARAH WILBY, Special Events Manager

ALEX LEIDY, Resident Dramaturg

Board of Governors

David Lloyd Olson, Chair
James O'Leary, Vice-Chair
John A.J. Barkmeyer, Esq., Secretary
Katie Golden, Treasurer

Laura Gross, Patti KalilMatthew Reckeweg, Bridget Woodbury

Company Members 

Mel Bieler, Aaron Bliden, Lee Gerstenhaber, Frank Labovitz, Devin Mahoney, Rachel Menyuk, Sadie Rothman

EMERETI: John Hamilton & Ruth Anne Watkins

Artistic Associates

Kyra Corradin, Mary Catherine Curran, Madeline Key, Owen McCusker, Robert Christopher Manzo, Stacy Musselman, Matthew Sparacino, Nick Wilby, Michael Winch