They represent a model of what a small theater company, built from the ground up on the basis of a fresh aesthetic, should look like...With moxie and passion and know-how [Pointless has] forged a theatrical identity unlike any other you’ll encounter in the city. It makes their work perennially exciting and, each time they unveil a production, utterly surprising.
— The Washington Post
They are young, they are talented, and they create art as it should be—a pouring of oneself into a concept that they have brought to fruition. And they clearly have fun doing it.
— Washington City Paper

Helen Hayes

2014 John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company


Washington City Paper

Pointless Theatre Co. – Far From It, theatreWashington

The Family Known as the award winning Pointless Theatre Company, DC Theatre Scene

DC Theatre Scene: Preview | Mel Bieler Interview | Patti Kalil Interview

"A big tip of a tropical-fruit-bedecked hat to Pointless Theatre for its distinctive and ebullient contribution to the Women's Voices Theatre Festival." - The Washington Post

"A kicky, colorful Carmen Miranda bio shows off Pointless Theatre Company's strongest assets...Pointless Theatre continues to be one of the most consistent young companies in town." - Washington City Paper

" intriguing and creative production that makes you see Carmen Miranda in a new light...this is a show not to miss." - Broadway World

"The show is great for kids: It will give them nightmares, yes, but the right kinds of nightmares." - Washington City Paper

"A riveting and unforgettable descent into madness." - Broadway World

"The actors really crank it up to 11 in this show and the music stays right there with them, preventing performances from ever feeling too over the top or campy..I had the main theme stuck in my head for two days afterward..." - Brightest Young Things

Washington Post Express Preview

"...brilliant puppetry that re-affirms Pointless’ status as the indisputable leader of the young DC theatre scene" - DC Metro Theater Arts

"The ingenuity and comic timing displayed here are a reminder that Pointless Theatre won the 2014 John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Theatre Company." - Washington Post

"A quirky, irreverent cabaret show that melds humor and holiday spirit into a refreshingly original production." - Broadway World

"The antidote [to] your holiday malaise." - Brightest Young Things

"If you are in for a bit of the bawdy, and don’t mind goof and guffaw, and really don’t see the religion in all this commercial nonsense, then this Holiday Spectacular awaits you." - DC Metro Theater Arts

"The creative team is not unlike Santa's team: they're hardworking, make the impossible possible, and are overflowing with talent." - theatreWashington

Washington Post Express Preview 

"This production cements the status of one of the best young companies in the region...Pointless is gaining a toehold in the increasingly crowded D.C. theater world with a style that feels completely, exuberantly its own...everything on this Pointless evening is delightfully en pointe." - The Washington Post

"The words 'puppet show' and 'groundbreaking' don’t often share the same sentence, but DC’s Pointless Theatre is out to change that, one performance at a time." - DC Theatre Scene

"...An elusive, glistening, and highly original treasure...It is a delightful hour-long swirl of ballet, whimsical pantomime, ephemeral humor and artistic puppetry." - Maryland Theatre Guide

Washington Post Express Preview

5 Stars DC Metro Theater Arts

"Point of fact, Pointless Theater takes puppetry to a new level..." - DC Theatre Scene

"That dual-faceted portrayal — which hints at how addiction, like a puppeteer, manipulates Minnie and her beau — is just one of the doublings and oppositions that give the show a bracingly textured look and resonance." - The Washington Post

5 Stars - DC Metro Theater Arts

"The performers bring to the stage a perfect blend of exuberance and curiosity, as skillful with planned scenes as they are with improvising. Pointless Theatre is an extraordinary troupe that excels in exploring a wide range of topics and appealing to a spectrum of theatergoers." - DC Theatre Scene

Mark Twain's Riverboat Extravaganza blends history and puppetry, Diamondback

Washington Post Express Preview

5 Stars - DC Metro Theater Arts

"..the kind of production that pumps life blood into the Washington D.C. theatre community...Canterbury is fast-paced, frenzied, and joyful, embodying the reason theatre as an art form spoke to me as a young person. It’s inspired and energetic, with seemingly limitless imagination and big plans for the future. The sum of the production’s parts is more than just a high-quality show; it’s excitement. It’s everything I hope for when sitting in a darkened theatre before the curtain rises, and so rarely find." - DC Theatre Scene

"Consider the skill behind this creation of Pointless Theatre. A live band accompanies each montage, with original lyrics and music. There’s side-scrolling choreography, a jazzercise fight scene, and frenetic action followed by thoughtful dialogue. The puppets are originally wrought, especially those made to be manipulated by the group—an amorphous, churning mass that consumes everything in its path, or the choir of angels that become demonic tricksters with a simple turn." - Washington City Paper

"The show overflows with humor and originality, as Pointless takes their low tech approach to creative heights." - Mocovox

5 StarsMaryland Theatre Guide

Editors' Pick - Washington Post

"For nearly all of this anarchic performance, the actors controlling the puppets are visible, and it is the performers' unstoppable exuberance that dominate the show -- and what make it so much fun...If this sounds like an hour of sheer zaniness, it is, and in the wrong hands that can become precious and boring. But PTC gets the tone just right, focused but flowing, outrageous without the smug self-consciousness of camp...In short, I had a great time." - DCist

"The puppets in this production are nothing like Bert and Ernie and would probably blast Elmo into oblivion."  - DC Theatre Scene

Method to the MadnessDiamondback