Support Pointless’ world premiere Gimme a Band, Gimme a Banana! The Carmen Miranda Story

In October, Pointless will debut our newest creation, a samba spectacular exploring the untold story of legendary Brazilian entertainer Carmen Miranda, the “Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat.”

This original Pointless premiere will tell the story of the legendary “Brazilian Bombshell” who became one of the world’s first Latina superstars, and who grew to resent the stereotypes associated with her image.

Inspired by the visual and musical culture of Brazil, the production will use a vivid mixture of music, pantomime, dance, and puppetry to bring Carmen’s story to life in a way only a Pointless show can, including a live samba band.

We are so excited to share this story with DC audiences as Pointless’ contribution to the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival. And we want you to be part of it.

Give us a banana, or a band!

In order to authentically tell Carmen’s story in the style of her iconic performances, professional samba musicians will provide a live soundtrack for the production through her classic songs.

We need to raise $2,000 by September 20th to support the Carmen samba band.

Will you help give us a band? A donation of any amount will support the cost of professional samba musicians, band costumes, sound equipment and instrument maintenance. Your support will help bring the iconic samba sound of Carmen Miranda to the Logan Fringe Arts Space.


$500 - Sponsor one of our samba musicians.
$200 - Sponsor the costume for one of our musicians. 
$75 - Sponsor sound design for the production. 
$40 - Sponsor the cost of instrument maintenance during the run. 
$15 - Sponsor the cost of building a giant banana.


In addition to our undying gratitude…

  • Your name listed in the Carmen program (all donors)
  • Your name on our special lobby display (all donors) 
  • Coupon code for discount tickets to Carmen ($75 and up)
  • Special invitation to opening night of Carmen ($200 and up)
  • A special invitation to opening night, and two additional comps to use during the run ($500 and up)  

Please know your donation will help make this world premiere possible, and will support Pointless Theatre in a deep, sustainable way. Thank you for giving us a Point.

Pointless Theatre Co. is a 501(C)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization.

All donations are tax-deductible.