This Way to the Dada Revolution!

A one-of-a-kind spectacle loosely based on the life of Hugo Ball, one of the founders of the highly influential DADA anti-art movement. Through Ball’s story, the show explores themes of art, love, faith, and the unexpected cost of pushing the boundaries between puppetry, mask, visual art, and dance. With anarchic humor, Hugo Ball: a Dada puppet AdvenTurE!!/?1!!?? promises to be engagingly entertaining and entirely Pointless.

RUN TIME: 80 minutes with one 10 minute intermission.

PLEASE NOTE: This show contains puppet sexuality, gunshots, strobe lights, profanity, and violence. Suggested age 13+

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What is remarkable about Pointless’ production is not how reckless and joyful it is, but in fact how structured and focused it demonstrates again how Pointless Theatre, through their brand of shameless spectacle, ends up being more substantive than the majority of shows in the area today.”
— DCMetroTheaterArts

Hugo Ball premiered at the 2011 Capital Fringe Festival

2011 Best Experimental Show

For nearly all of this anarchic performance, the actors controlling the puppets are visible, and it is the performers’ unstoppable exuberance that dominate the show — and what make it so much fun...If this sounds like an hour of sheer zaniness, it is, and in the wrong hands that can become precious and boring. But PTC gets the tone just right, focused but flowing, outrageous without the smug self-consciousness of camp...In short, I had a great time.
— DCist